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A daily update from the front lines of the Prolife Movement
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David Barton - President and Founder of WallBuilders speaking at the 2014 Bringing
America Back to Life Symposium on: “Rebuilding America’s Founding Principles from the
Grassroots to the Presidency”.
Michael Hichborn - Founder & President, The Lepanto Institute with host Molly Smith:
"Is the Progressive Sex Educational Agenda by Catholic Relief Services in 3rd World
Countries Fueled by the Leadership? "
Catherine Davis - Member, National Black ProLife Coalition with guest host Carlton
Smith:  "Catherine Davis Presents 'Snapshots' of the Impact of Abortion on Black Women"

Rebecca Kiessling - Founder & President, Save the 1 with host Molly Smith:  "A Person
Conceived in Rape or Incest Has the Exact Same Rights as Any Other Person - Why Are
Some in the ProLife Movement Abandoning this Fundamental Principle? "
Andrew Guernsey - Co-President, John's Hopkins University Voice for Life with host Molly
Smith: "Johns Hopkins University Experiences the Impact of the ProLife Student Influence as
They Teach Their Student Government Tolerance"
Tom Zawistowski - President, We the People Convention with guest host Carlton Smith:
"What Can the Average "Joe Citizen" Do to Protect Our Freedoms Which Are Being
Threatened Daily by Activist Courts"
William Green - President of the Ohio Chapter, Frederick Douglas Foundation with host
Molly Smith: "The Genocide of Black Americans in Our Urban Centers Through the
Disproportionate Presence of Abortion Mills in These Areas"
Janet Smith - Chair of Life Ethics, Sacred Heart Major Seminary with host Molly Smith:
"Why Humanae Vitae Was Right"

Mary Eberstadt - Sr. Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center speaking at the 2014
Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on: “Myths About the Sexual Revolution”.
Rev. Arnold Culbreath - Founder & CEO, Breath of Life Foundation with guest host Carlton
Smith: "Arnold Culbreath Highlights His New Organization "Breath of Life" &  discusses
New & Insightful Strategies for Addressing Pro-Life Issues in the Black Community"
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse - Founder & President, Ruth Institute with host Molly Smith:
"Dr. Morse Discusses Her Amicus Brief to the US Supreme Court Hearing that Will Rule on
the Future of the Family in America.  "
2015 BABL Presenter Showcase: John-Henry Westen - Editor in Chief, LifeSiteNews
"A Full Spectrum Look at the Culture of Life from a Worldwide News Outlet Perspective."
Judie Brown - Founder & President, American Life League with host Molly Smith:
"A Tribute to the Work of Dr. Charles Rice "

2015 BABL Presenter Showcase: Josh Duggar - Executive Director, FRC Action:
"19 Kids and Counting"
Ryan Bomberger - Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation with
guest host Carlton Smith:  "Ryan Bomberger Discusses the Religious Freedom and
Restoration Act (RFRA) and the Fallacy of 'Marriage Equality'"
Doug Mainwaring - Contributor, Witherspoon Institute's Public Discourse
"Marriage Then, Now, and in the Future"

Maria Dean - Advisory Board & Chair, Bringing America Back to Life Convention with host
Molly Smith:  "A Review of Robert Hugh Benson's turn of the 20th Century Prophetic Book,
Lord of the World"
Anne Pierson - Executive Director, Loving & Caring with host Molly Smith: 
"Anne Joins Stacy Braun from Spirit of Faith Adoption to Discuss the Loving Options
Available to Mothers" (rebroadcast from 12/1/14)
Dan Becker - President, Georgia Right to Life & President, National Personhood Alliance
with host Molly Smith:  "HR 36 Is Back with Even Worse "Exception's" Language so all who
Care About Human Rights Should Oppose the Inclusion of this Language"
Steven Mosher - President, Population Research Institute with host Molly Smith:
"What Does 'Earth Day' Have to Do with the Myth of Human Overpopulation?"

Stacy Braun - Director, Spirit of Faith Adoptions - with host Molly Smith:  "Stacy is Joined
by Two Women Who Have Been Impacted by Adoption to Discuss the Need to Educate the
Public About Adoption"