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The only radio program of it's kind on Salem Radio
A daily update from the front lines of the Prolife Movement
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Kelly Monroe Kulberg -  Founder, The Veritas Forum with host Molly Smith:
"How do we counter the confusion and mis-information about our Christian faith in higher
education across the nation as well as across the world."
2016 BABL Spotlight: Paul Kengor - Author & Political Science Professor, Grove
City College speaking at the 2016 Bringing America Back to Life Convention:
"Takedown: How Secularists and Radicals Slowly Sabotaged Family and Marriage "
Dr. Benjamin Wiker - Author & Lecturer, Franciscan University of Steubenville with host
Molly Smith:
"Dr. Wiker discusses his books on ethics, science, and culture"
Alex Schadenberg - Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition with host Molly
Smith: "Discussing the ongoing challenge to all of us as we fight to defend those whose lives
are threatened by Machiavelli laws and practices when they are most vulnerable."
Part 1: Bobby Schindler - President, Life & Hope Network: "Where will the push for
euthansia and assisted suicide end?" Part 2: Timothy Mahoney - Founder, Thinking Man
Films/Mahoney Media: "Tim discusses his documentary: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus"
Bobby Schindler - President, Life & Hope Network with host Molly Smith:
"Bobby discusses the reason why it is important to frame the argument against euthansia
and assisted suicide in terminology that promotes the dignity of life."
Fr. Mitch Pacwa - Ignatius Productions talking about his upcoming visit to Cleveland
to pray for the Republican National Convention and discusses our need reject political
power in the public square in favor of speaking Truth rooted in the values of The Word.
Mary Eberstedt - Author, talking to host Molly Smith about her new book
"It's Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies"
07/08/16 (1500 - Faith Talks - Detroit)
2016 BABL Spotlight: Mary Eberstadt, Sr. Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center
Speaking at the 2014 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: "Myths About the Sexual
07/08/16 (1220 - The Word - Cleveland)
Barry Sheets - President, Principled Consulting with host Molly Smith:
"Barry joins Molly to discuss the most recent pieces of life and family legislation introduced
or about to be introduced at the Ohio State House."
Dale Alquist - President, American G.K. Chesterton Society with host Molly Smith:
"Dale discusses the Battle of Lepanto through G.K. Chesterton's famous poem"

Part 1: Bobby Schindler - President, Life & Hope Network: "Where will the push for
euthansia and assisted suicide end?" Part 2: Timothy Mahoney - Founder, Thinking Man
Films/Mahoney Media: "Tim discusses his documentary: Patterns of Evidence: Exodus"
Michael Voris - Founder & President, with host Molly Smith:
"Micheal talks about the need to encourage our Church shepherds to teach the truth."
Lea Carawan - Exec Director, Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation with host Molly Smith
"Our National Motto "In God We Trust" is about to turn 60.  Lea tells about her organizations
plans to celebrate."
Jason Jones, Founder & President, Movie to Movement with host Molly Smith:
"VOICELESS"  a movie with a special message for the Church.  Jason who is the Exec.
Producer explains why the medium of the screen is so powerful in saving lives
Dr. Anne Hendershott - Professor of Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work Department
and Director of the Veritas Center for Ethics in Public Life, Franciscan University of
Steubenville: "Is the devil alive and well or should we write him off as no longer relavent?"
John-Henry Westen - Editor, with host Molly Smith:
"Discussing the reaction of faithful Magisterian practicing Catholic laiety to Pope Francis's
many confusing statements."
Linda Harvey - Founder & President, Mission America with host Molly Smith:
Are Christians being bullied into silence by the LBGT community?
Charles LiMandri, Esq. - President & Chief Counsel FCDF with host Molly Smith:
Mr. LiMandri discusses the dismissal of all charges against his clients David Daleiden
and Sandra Merritt
08/19/16 (Cleveland)
John Hocevar and Eric Holmberg - Promoters & Sponsors of The Benefit Concert for
Fr. Opeka discussing with Molly the amazing work of Fr. Opeka and the need to support the
benefit concert that is held tonight in Cleveland
Molly Smith - Host of From The Median. 
"An Appeal that cannot be ignored"
Dr. Jennifer Morse - Founder & President, The Ruth Institute with host Molly Smith:
Dr. Jennifer discusses the DOJ's guidelines for  transgenda students"

Rebecca Kiessling - Founder & President, Save the 1 with host Molly Smith:
Rebecca talk with Molly about the success of legislative training to elected officials about
how to speak about rape and incest victim pregnancy
Reggie Littlejohn- Founder & President, Women's Rights without Frontiers with host
Molly Smith: Join Molly as she discusses breaking news from Women's Rights Without
Frontiers who have filed a complaint at the UN
2014 BABL Spotlight - Laura Hollis, Concurrent Professor, University of Notre Dame
Law School, speaking at the 2014 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: "Christian
Conservatives must reclaim the high ground through defending our God-given principles"
2014 BABL Spotlight: Alana Newman - Founder, Anonymous Us, speaking at the
2014 Bringing America Back to Life Convention:  Alana asks the question: "Are There
Ethical Considerations for Human Reproduction Using Egg/Sperm Donation?"
Part 1: Dr. Monica Miller - President & Founder, Citizens for a Prolife Society discussing
the prolife movement's impact (or lack therof) on the nation after the recent SCOTUS
decision to remove basic health standards from abortion facilities.
Part 2: Stuart Migdon - Producer of "Voiceless" The Movie" Stuart asks why your Church
will not engage in fighting the injustice of abortion.
Michael Hichborn - Founder & President, The Lepanto Institue with host Molly Smith:
Michael Hichborn reveals that 98% of Catholic Relief Services political donations go to
pro-abortion Candidates.
Part 1: John-Henry Westen - Editor in Chief, unpacking the 7
statements of princple in the new family creed that has been released by Christian leaders
from around the world.
Part 2: Mary Eberstadt - Author, discussing her latest book "It's Dangerous to Believe:
Religious Freedom and Its Enemies"
2012 BABL Spotlight - Fr. Robert Sirico, President & Co-Founder, The Acton Institute
speaking at the 2012 Bringing America Back to Life Convention:
"Citizenship and the Pro-Life Cause"
Paul Coundron & Margie Christi - Executive Director and Assist. Executive Director,
Dayton Right to Life: discussing the Dayton Right to Life complaint filed with the Ohio Dept.
of Health concerning the year old ODH report that found that Martin Haskell's abortuary
performed an abortion on a woman in a "somulent state"
Part 1: Tom Connors - Retired US Naval Reserve Commander, "Tom discusses his
worldview and how he came to arrive at this point in his life"
Part 2: Kristan Gray - Journalist & Author, No One Could Know: "Kristan highlights
the reason for writting her book, No One Can Know, and how this book is helping thousands
deal with abortion and rape"
Sarah Quale - President & Founder, Speaklife Inc. with host Molly Smith:
To defeat the culture of death we need to understand and be able to defend the sanctity of
human life.  Sarah helps us to do this through her education programs
Raymond de Souza - President & Founder, Sacred Heart Media with host Molly Smith:
Raymond who is also an EWTN host talks with Molly about "Putting Logic at the service
of Faith to re-evangelize the Baptized"
08/19/16 (Detroit)
2012 BABL Spotlight: Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Senior Fellow of the St. Paul Center for
Biblical Theology speaking at the 2012 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: 
“How we Became Hedonists” or “From Eugenics to Abortion.”
Stacy Knox - Program Director, Spirit of Faith Adoptions with host Molly Smith:
Adoption is as old as humankind.  Stacy describes the process and tells the story of how
to approach this loving option.
Wesley Smith - Contributor, The Discovery Institute, with host Molly Smith:
Wesley discusses the recent Assisted Suicide "PARTY"  for an ALS woman in California. 
What is ahead for our civilization!