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The only radio program of it's kind on Salem Radio
A daily update from the front lines of the Prolife Movement
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Dan Becker - President, Georgia Right to Life & Founder, National Personhood Alliance
with host Molly Smith:
"The 21st Century Approach to the Pro-life Efforts to Restore a Culture of Life to the Nation"
Karen Brauer MS RPh - Director, Pharmacists for Life International with host Molly Smith:
" We must understand the threat to human life by chemicals that are present in
John Smeaton - Voices of the Family Representative from Rome with host Molly Smith
"The Synod of the Family in Rome Must Be a Voice of Clarity Not Confusion."
Rachel Benda - President & Founder, Bethesda House of Mercy with host Molly Smith:
"Providing Healing to Post-Abortive Couples Through the Grace of God's Forgiveness"

Erin Mersino - Senior Trial Counsel, Thomas More Law Center with host Molly Smith:
"Traditional Marriage--A National Strategy"

Stacy Braun with Pastor Chad & Rica Allen - Spirit of Faith Adoptions with host
Molly Smith:
"The Process of Adoption that Ultimately Leads to a Beautiful Option for All"
Reggie Littlejohn - President & Founder, Women's Rights Without Frontiers with host
Molly Smith: "China's Problems Are Linked to the Inability of the Ruling Party to See the
Potential of All Human Life."
Dan Becker - President, Georgia Right to Life & Founder, National Personhood Alliance with
host Molly Smith: "The Good News About the Efforts to Recognize Personhood From Our First
Biological Beginnings"
Wesley J. Smith - Sr. Fellow, Discovery Institute Ctr on Human Exceptionalism, Consultant,
Patients Rights Council: "Profoundly Disabled Human Beings & Athletes Possess Intrinsic
Dignity and Must Be Treated in Ways That Recognize Their Best Respective Potential to Thrive."
Dale Ahlquist - President, American Chesterton Society with host Molly Smith: 
"Dale discusses the Battle of Lepanto through G.K. Chesterton's famous poem"

Mindy Wills - President, Oasis of Hope Pregnancy Center with host Molly Smith: "The hurt
and the healing - what one organization is doing to provide solace to those negatively
impacted by abortion"
Dr. R.C. Sproul - President, Highland Ministries with host Molly Smith: "Did God intend
for us in the prolife movement to artificially create 'classes' of people who would NOT be
Mindy Wills - President, Oasis of Hope Pregnancy Support Center with host Molly Smith:
"The Hurt and the Healing: What One Organization is Doing to Provide Solace to Those
Negatively Impacted by Abortion""
Autumn Leva - Director of Legislative Affairs & Communications, Minnesota Family Council
with host Molly Smith: "Minnosota’s battle to protect marriage and the family."
Barry Sheets - Political Consultant & Chris Long, - President, Ohio Christian Alliance with
host Molly Smith. Barry & Molly discuss what to look for in a candidate & Chris talks to Molly
about helping displaced families in Iraq.
Dr. Marie Meaney - Author, Embracing the Cross of Infertility published by HLI with host
Molly Smith: "Discussing Her Work and Experiences That Led Her to Write
Embracing the Cross of Infertility"