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The only radio program of it's kind on Salem Radio
A daily update from the front lines of the Prolife Movement
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BABL Spotlight: Part 1: John Smeaton, Chief Executive, Society for the Protection of
Unborn Children (SPUC): "Why the ProLife Movement Must Embrace the Defense of Marriage
and the Family or Suffer Defeat" & Part 2: Catherine Davis. Founding Member, National 
Black ProLife Coalition: "Personhood & Genocide: How the Two Connect in the Fight for Life"
Laura Hollis - Concurrent Assistant Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame with host
Molly Smith: "Christian Conservatives Must Reclaim the High Ground Through Defending
Our God-Given Principles"
Fr. Gerard Gonda - President, Benedictine High School with host Molly Smith:
"Why Critical Thinking Is Important in Education"

Rev. Carlton Smith- Associate, Antioch Fellowship Assembly with host Molly Smith:
"A Redemptive View of Slavery"

BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Josh Duggar - Executive Director, FRC Action: "19 Kids &
Counting".& Part 2: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse - Founder & President, The Ruth
Institute: "The Impact of Re-Defining Marriage on Children & Society"
BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Sol Pitchon - President/CEO, New Life Solutions:
"The Holocaust  Then & The Holocaust Now" &  Part 2: Dr. Donna Harrison - Exec. Dir.
American Assoc. of ProLife OBGYN's: "Contraception from the Embryo's Point of View"
Elise Hilton - Comm. Specialist, Acton Institute with host Molly Smith: "The High Price of
Human Trafficking" &  Part 2 BABL Spotlight: Wesley Smith - Senior Fellow, Discovery
Institute's Center on Human Exceptionalism"Eugenics: The Danger of Undignified Bioethics"
Adam Josefczyk - CoFounder Forge Leadership Network with host Molly Smith:
"Identifying the best and brightest of the next generation and train, mentor, and connect
them to become the next leaders in the public square."
BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Gigi Graham - Daughter of Billy Graham: "A Family Chat" &
Part 2: Reggie Littlejohn - Founder & President, Women's Rights Without Frontiers:
"Why Is Gendercide the 'Real' War on Women?"
Bill Thierfelder - President Belmont Abbey College: The Perfection of the Present Moment;
Leading Life with Integrity. & Dr. Stephen Kranson - Prof. Franciscan U of Stubenville:
Discussing the Veritas Conference to foster renewal of the Secular Culture.
Bobby Schindler - Exce. Dir, The Terri Schiavo Foundation: The danger for us all when the
Canadian Supreme Crt legalized Euthanasia. & Rita Diller - National Director, STOPP:
Planned Parenthood's child corruption programs in Boston Public Schools.
BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Rachael Benda - Founder, Bethesda House of Mercy:
"Building the Culture of Life with Mercy" & Part 2: Joshua Mccaig - President, National
Lawyers Assoc: Courts, Judges & Lawyers, Oh My! Is There a Yellow Brick Road to Victory?
Mary Eberstadt - Senior Fellow, Ethics & Public Policy Center with host Molly Smith
"Myths About the Sexual Revolution"

BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Stephen Bittinger - Attorney, Nee-Bittinger LLC "Adoption:
The Legal Realities and Risks of The Abortion Antidote" & Part 2: Dan Clark - Author,
Chicken Soup for the Soul Series: "Leadership: The Art of Significance"
Dr. Michael McLean - President, Thomas Aquinas College with host Molly Smith:
"Teaching Our Students to Think Critically in a World Filled With Sound Bites"
BABL Spotlight: Part 1: Dr. Patrick Lee - Dir. Institute of Bioethics, Franciscan
University of Steubenville: "How to Make the Logical Case for Life" & Part 2: John-Henry
Westen - Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, "A Full Spectrum Look at the
Culture of Life from a Worldwide News Outlet Perspective"