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The only radio program of it's kind on Salem Radio
A daily update from the front lines of the Prolife Movement
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Denise Shick - Founder & Director, Help 4 Families Ministry with host Molly Smith:
"How well do children deal with a transvestite parent? Denise answers this question from
first hand experience."
Barry Sheets - President, Principled Policy Consulting with host Molly Smith:
"Barry discusses the recent 2015 election results."

Sarah Quale - President & Founder, Speak Life Inc. with host Molly Smith:
Discusses the need to educate our base to equip them to take leadership roles in the future.

Dr. William Thierfelder - President, Belmont Abbey College speaking at the 2015
Bringing America Back to Life Convention:
"The Perfection of the Present Moment: Leading with Integrity"
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Dr. Donna Adler - Manager, Adler Law, LLC with host Molly Smith:
"The first in a series on 'Making the Legal System Work' with Dr. Adler as our guest"

Susan Muskett - Prolife Activist, Attorney & Contributor to The Public Discourse On-Line
Publication  with host Molly Smith:  "Susan discusses the alarming developement in Oregan
of pushing a contraceptive metric that will be used to gain access to state funds "
Eva Edl - Prolife Activist & Communist Holocaust survivor: "Eva tells her story of surviving
the Allied/Communist concentration camp in Hungary after the 2nd World War & how this
inspired her to fight to the rights of our present day victims of the abortion holocast.  "
Dale Bellis - Executive Director, Liberty Health Share with host Molly Smith:
The answer to unpricipled health insurance - a health care plan that utilizes the 4 "C's". 
This program is a "MUST-Listen-To!"
Dan Becker - President, Personhood Alliance with host Molly Smith:
"Dan discusses the exciting advancement of the personhood movement on the national
and global landscape."
Charles LiMandri - Founder, President & Chief Council, Freedom of Conscience Defense
Fund: "Mr. LiMandri is defending David Daleiden, Founder of the Center for Medical
Progress, who is being investigated for his Human Captial Project that has changed the
abortion debate worldwide."
Maria Dean - Program Director, Cleveland Legatus with host Molly Smith: "Book Reviews
Series: The Abolition of Man by CS Lewis - Maria unpacks this timeless book and shows
how prophetic Lewis was when he wrote this work."
Dr. Jennifer Roback-Morse - President, The Ruth Institute with host Molly Smith:
"How has the sexual revolution impacted our current debate about marriage"
Adam Josephczyk - President, Forge Leadership Network: "How the next generation of
conservative leaders are making a difference" and Tom Zawistowski - President - Portage
County Tea Party: "The successes and failures of Tuesday Nov 3rd's elections."
Dr. Patrick Johnston - President, Personhood Ohio with host Molly Smith:
"Dr. Johnston brings new insight into the exceptions for 'life of the mother' in the abortion
Steven Mosher - President, Population Research Institute with host Molly Smith:
"Steven discusses China's decision to allow 2 children per married couple - a policy that
will still include forced abortion and birth licenses."
Dr. George Delgardo - Medical Director, with host Molly
Smith: Exactly what is this proceedure, how safe is it, and what is the success rate?
Andrew Guernsey - Vatican Correspondent for LifeSiteNews with host Molly Smith:
"What to expect from the upcoming Vatican Synod on the Family and the pre-events taking
place in Rome."
Joshua McCaig - President, National Lawyers Association with host Molly Smith:
"What can we expect from the prolife legal community in the future?  Josh walks us through
some ideas and plans for the future."
Rebecca Massell & Bob Rudy - Board Members, National Lawyers Assoc. with host
Molly Smith:  Talking about the petition effort in California by grassroots, lead by the CA
Catholic Bishops to stop this State's  Physician Assisted Suicide law from taking effect
Dr. Christina Lynch - Director of Psychological Services, St. John Vianney Theological
Seminary in Denver, CO discussing with Molly Smith her amazing journey that led to the
philosophy of: How to practice our faith with our hearts first and then our intellect?
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse - President, The Ruth Institue with host Molly Smith:
"Dr. Morse gives us a run down of her presentation at the Vatican prior to the October Synod
on the Family."
Various Local and National Prolife leaders with host Molly Smith:
"Protesting Planned Parenthood - Join a #ProtestPP near you"
John Morales - Director, "40 The Movie" with host Molly Smith:
"John will be in Cleveland on October 16th as Key Note Speaker at the LifeWorks Ohio
Dinner to talk about his movie."
Michael Hichborn - President & Founder, The Lapento Institute with host Molly Smith:
"Did the appointment of proabortion and pro-homosexual marriage Executive Committee
members at the World Meeting of Families cause a scandal?"
John Smeaton - Director, SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) with host
Molly Smith:  "What in the World is Going on at the Synod on the Family?  John Helps Us
to Understand the Nuances"
Bryan Kemper - President, Stand True Ministries with host Molly Smith:
"What in the world is going on in our schools.  Bryan talks about the transgender fall out
that is happening in schools from K-12"
Dale Bellis - Executive Director, Liberty Health Share with host Molly Smith:
The answer to unpricipled health insurance - a health care plan that utilizes the 4 "C's". 
This program is a "MUST-Listen-To!"
Mary Eberstadt - Sr. Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center speaking at the 2014 Bringing
America Back to Life Convention:
"Myths About the Sexual Revolution."
Maria Dean - Treasurer & Board Member, Cleveland Legatus with host Molly Smith:
Maria will review Paul Kengors new book "Takedown"
Abby Johnson - Founder & President, And Then There Were None with host Molly Smith:
Abby joins Molly to discuss the Center for Medical Progress expose of Planned Parenthood's
selling of baby organs
Valerie Huber - President National Abstinance Education Association with host Molly Smith:
"Discusses what parents can expect in the coming months with regard to sex education in their
Reggie Littlejohn - Founder & President, Women's Right's Without Frontiers with host
Molly Smith: "An update on China's one child policy"
Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse - President & Founder, The Ruth Institure speaking at the
2015 Bringing America Back to Life Convention:
"The Impact of Re-Defining Marrriage on Children and Society."
John Noall - Campaign Coordinator, 40 Days for Life Cleveland with host Molly Smith:
"John Discusses the Goals of the Campaign as Well as the Successes of National Campaign"

Jennifer Johnson - Director of Finance & Advancement, Ruth Institute with host Molly
Smith: "How Does Divorce and Family Breakdown Affect Our Children?"